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Telestar to onboard 24,000 managed mobility devices and services

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One of the largest single Managed Mobility onboardings in Asia-Pacific

Sydney, November 10th, 2015: Telestar Communications, a provider of end-to-end Managed Mobility services to large organisations, announces an expansion of its Bluewater™ Integrated Mobility Management business with a new government client and a new multi-year contact.

Responsible for public transportation across New South Wales state, in Australia, Transport for NSW manages $78 billion of transport assets and spends over $5 billion annually on capital investment in the state’s transport services.

Telestar will provide Bluewater™ procurement and assistance services for Transport for NSW’s fleet of over 24,000 mobile devices and services. Bluewater™ includes the ability to scale up quickly for any future expansion of fleet size.

Bluewater™ is the leading Managed Mobility Service in the Australia-New Zealand market today.

The Bluewater™ system is a fully integrated Mobile Resource Planning system, spanning all five dimensions of the managed mobility domain: procurement, security, assistance, control and governance. Bluewater™ can provide a single streamlined process that addresses pre-ordering, ordering, kitting and enrolment while automating much of the process to enhance the user experience and lessen the administrative burden. The Bluewater™ end-to-end governance model can provide complete outsourced management and control of all aspects of an organisation’s mobility operations and spend.

Julie Atwal, Telestar founder and CEO, said:
“We are pleased to welcome Transport for NSW as a new customer of the Bluewater™ suite. Managing mobility is specialised, and goes well beyond the remit of traditional IT departments, procurement groups and expense groups. Bluewater™ already delivers measurable efficiency benefits to governments and enterprises across the region. Bluewater’s unique approach to mobility, and our years of experience in working with government agencies, has provided us with the expertise to deliver to our clients a comprehensive lifecycle approach and secure solution that addresses all their mobility needs. Telestar is an ISO-27001 information security certified organisation, and understands the specific security and confidentiality needs of public agencies.”

About Telestar:

Telestar manages the communications of businesses and governments. Telestar’s solutions procure, secure, assist, control and govern over 500,000 devices and connections for large organisations in the East Asia and Pacific region. Governments and large enterprises trust Telestar to manage all aspects of their communications assets, usage and expenditure, to simplify their operations, improve service and contain cost.

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