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At Telestar, our mission is to simplify operations, improve service, and contain costs for businesses and governments.

With a large team of technical and service specialists in all aspects of corporate telecommunications, Telestar provides end-to-end services to the region’s most demanding organisations:


We manage the telecoms operations of many governments, including their high-security agencies.

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We manage large ICT device fleets, some as large as 50,000+ devices, including connectivity management, security, and forward and reverse logistics.


We manage telecoms environments which are multi-carrier and multi-country.

Your organisation deserves professional management of its telecoms services.

Telestar uses a combination of industry-leading technology and human expertise to keep your organisation communicating productively and cost-effectively. A decade of technology and process investment gives Telestar the efficiency advantage of managing organisations’ telecommunications more efficiently than anyone else.
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Our advanced systems

Review and analyse every line of your telecoms expenditure, identify patterns of usage, report security anomalies, and recommend optimisations to improve efficiency and value.

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Our subject matter experts

Use end-to-end automation to handle the entire life-cycle of your technology endpoint devices and services, to keep even your most needy users connected and productive.

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For more information about your managed solutions please get in contact with one of our Telestars!
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To Hanson, the value achieved from outsourcing our telecoms management to Telestar is huge. It saves us a lot more than it costs us, every single year.

David Wray Hanson

David Wray

Computer Operations Manager
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“Telestar has saved us countless hours of admin in running our telecoms services and devices, and uncovered significant savings for us as well.”

Joanna Nowakowska

Joanna Nowakowska

IT Services Manager