Leverage Telestar's capability

Digital transformation decisions are too important to make without the best industry expertise and data. Leverage Telestar's capability to analyse your existing telecoms device fleet and connections inventory to fully understand how you can address security weaknesses, benefit from digital efficiency, and save money.

1. The Deep Dive

Using our automated tools, we collect data on your current device fleet, including equipment IDs, OS versions, device controls, repair statuses, and more.

We then collect operating data on your telecoms connections, including premises sites, usage breakdowns, profiles, billing plans, leases and accounts.

By meshing together the device data and the service data, we build a detailed picture of usage, investment and expenditure across your organisation.

2. Workshopping it

Then it's time to talk. We want to hear from your operations folks, your security folks, and your budget owners. We can talk through the data analysis results, and couple this with the human-side operational intel from your people on the ground.

3. An operational strategy

Every organisation is different. Whether it's all about first steps toward digital transformation, or wholesale revolutionary change, or perhaps just a few process tweaks, Telestar consulting will deliver an operational strategy recommendation to suit your organisation's objectives. We stand by all our recommendations - so much so that we can implement them too.

The benefits

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Smooth onboarding and offboarding of new people, devices and services.

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Process matching between assets, inventory, HR and finance.

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Minimise gaps in device, service and operations security.

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War on waste

No more unused services, unaccounted for assets, and unnecessary manual processes.

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A central place for seeing real data on all aspects of the telecoms operational management.

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Financial predictability

A clear view of savings and spend into the future, balanced to suit your CAPEX-OPEx objectives.

How we can help YOU:

For more information about your managed solutions please get in contact with one of our Telestars!
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To Hanson, the value achieved from outsourcing our telecoms management to Telestar is huge. It saves us a lot more than it costs us, every single year.

David Wray Hanson

David Wray

Computer Operations Manager
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“Telestar has saved us countless hours of admin in running our telecoms services and devices, and uncovered significant savings for us as well.”

Joanna Nowakowska

Joanna Nowakowska

IT Services Manager

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