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Data and Connectivity

Telestar provides fully outsourced telco management

Our Difference

Telestar provides fully outsourced management of an enterprise’s telecommunications data and connectivity, including fixed-line connections, terrestrial broadband, LEO satellite, SD-WAN and more.
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Fixed services management

Simplify on-prem communications
Centralised governance of all premises connections, to support quick and efficient relocations or expansions.
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Plan and deploy

Scalable network planning

Telestar will design and deploy the optimal network and service solution.

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Low-latency internet anywhere

High-bandwidth, low-latency satellite for vehicles or fixed sites, with all procurement, logistics, changes and cost management built-in.

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Always-on communications

Multi-technology mobile units

Maximum connectivity for mobile teams with satellite and multi-channel cellular combo unit, with multi-source power, and mesh options.

For more information about your managed solutions please get in contact with one of our Telestars!
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To Hanson, the value achieved from outsourcing our telecoms management to Telestar is huge. It saves us a lot more than it costs us, every single year.

David Wray Hanson

David Wray

Computer Operations Manager
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“Telestar has saved us countless hours of admin in running our telecoms services and devices, and uncovered significant savings for us as well.”

Joanna Nowakowska

Joanna Nowakowska

IT Services Manager

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