For You

For Finance Managers

Managing telecoms spends is difficult. Devices changes frequently. Plans and contracts are complex.

Simplify reporting:

• Automatic cost center allocations
• Automatic asset register updates
• Integration with accounting systems

Understand your spend:

• Automated, line-by-line expense management
• Usage analytics
• Deep insights for spend optimisation

For Procurement Managers

Telecoms contract offerings are difficult to compare. Controlling service activations and device purchases can be an organisational challenge.

Benchmark your contracts:

• Machine-driven benchmarking of service contracts
• Automatic mapping of contracts against your usage profiles
• Recommendations to best suit your unique usage

Control telecoms procurement:

• Automated procurement portal
• Online product and service catalog
• Multi-level approval workflow for strong control

For IT Managers

For many IT departments, too many admin tasks like mobile user support and SIM activations take up valuable expert time.

Maintain information security:

• Single dashboard to manage multiple MDM products
• All leading mobile device management supported
• Operational status dashboard and security alerts

Reduce work:

• Specialised telecoms help desk
• Online self-help for all telecoms equipment and devices
• Secure repair and maintenance service
• Secure kitting, staging and shipping of mobile devices

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