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Managing telecoms costs is so much more than bills

Device analysis dashboard showing the comparison costs of mobile devices for a business or oganisation

Combining bill analysis with device fleet analysis is your secret weapon in containing cost.

Here’s why:

Telestar can analyse and track how your mobile devices are used, as well as their physical state. When we blend that with detailed bill analysis, strange things can happen..

Like an organisation that was buying almost $1m of mobile devices each year, all asset-recorded and issued to staff… but almost 20% of these newly ordered devices had never been used! Who knew?

Or an agency that cancelled hundreds of mobile telecom services every year, but didn’t know the location of over 70% of the related mobile devices. Had they been stolen, or were they in drawers somewhere, slowly wasting company capex?

Or a company that spent big on UEM and MDM software, but never knew that a third of its devices had not been registered to the UEM or MDM. It couldn’t see them, so it didn’t even know about them.

And most scary of all: organisations that have large proportions of their mobile devices running unpatchable versions of Android or iOS without realising it, providing a major security non-compliance. That’s an information security attack vector right there. And possibly a security de-certification too in some industries.

Knowing about your mobile devices is important. Billing analysis is important too. But each is only half of the story.

For the full picture on where your telecom spend is really going, and how you can optimise it immediately, look at blended billing and device analysis. Call Telestar to learn more.

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