IoT can quickly blow your telecoms budget. Avoid IoT excess usage charges with Telestar’s IoT Management service.

Telestar IoT Management service includes:

Setup and monitoring of your IoT System (Cisco Jasper, etc.),
Management of IoT data usage profiles on a per SIM basis
Adjustment of IoT platform settings and configurations

• Have visibility of your IoT fleet
• Break down your IoT charges
• Early warning of IoT services before excess charges accrue


MDM systems require constant attention. Simplify your MDM and maintain security with Telestar’s
MDM Assist service.
Telestar’s MDM Assist service includes:

• Technical support for config and setup
• Technical help with incidents and change requests
• Support for users with MDM issues
• Optimising settings for business needs
• Secure company information
• Protect expensive mobile device investments
• Prevent inappropriate use
• Reduce mobile fleet TCO

For more information about your managed solutions please get in contact with one of our Telestars!!