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Bushfire emergency: Telestar’s instant mobility service enables war-rooms and first responders

Fire danger road sign controlled from a Telestar mobility equipped control centre

Emergency bulk deployment of mobile devices and services achieved in hours.

“Catastrophic” – that was the official bushfire danger level for much of New South Wales on Tuesday 12th November 2019. The day was shaping up to be the worst bushfire day in the state’s history.

By the afternoon of Monday 11th, emergency services agencies and first responders across the state were activating their highest level of emergency plans.

For the NSW Rural Fire Service, that meant expanding their already large mobile communications to make sure front line firefighters had the information and communications they needed before the next day.

For the NSW Ambulance Service, activating their emergency “war room” meant adding over 100 new cellular connections and deploying dozens of new smartphones in just a few hours.

Both organisations rely on Telestar for end-to-end management of their mobile communications services and devices.

Telestar received urgent orders from both organisations on Monday afternoon: get us more connections and more devices, and do it now.

For the RFS, Telestar used its strategic reserve to dispatch new tablet devices with active connections in just 30 minutes from the initial request. Working devices were in the hands of the right staff in other parts of the state just a few hours later.

For NSW Ambulance, Telestar was able to use its specialised Enterprise Service Desk to activate and configure 100 new cellular services in just minutes. Using a combination of its strategic equipment reserve and other pool stocks, Telestar set up and shipped the associated new smartphones just a few hours later.

Both RFS and NSW Ambulance got the services and devices they needed before the end of Monday, ready for the catastrophe predicted for the following day. First responders and emergency personnel had the right communications to do their jobs when they needed them.

“Responding to urgent requests is just one of the things Telestar does but it is certainly the most rewarding” said Julie Atwal, Telestar CEO. “Like all citizens, we can’t be thankful enough for the bravery and commitment of our emergency services personnel in times of danger. Our heartfelt thanks go to them all.”

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