Health Check

How Health Check Works

Once you have completed the form provided you will be asked to provide either an electronic (soft) or physical (hard) copy of your bills. Hard copies of your bill can be posted to us using our contact information here. Please note that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required to submit your analysis request

Once received your bills and contract will be assigned to a member of our analysis team who will provide you with a summary report surrounding your current call and data traffic statistics.

Once you have had an opportunity to review your reports, Telestar will provide suggestions on the most appropriate and/or competitive plans currently available to your business.

Telestar will deliver your Quick Check report to you within 7 days*

Things You Should Know

Telestar is a security-certified organisation. We take protection of your organisation’s data seriously. For more information on our security and privacy mechanisms, see our privacy policy.

The Health Check service is offered to eligible organisations only. Health Check is not available for individuals or families.

Quick Check Your Comms Spend Right Now

Telecommunications billing is complex – inaccuracies are common. Calls and data sessions are often rated differently to your contract. Discounts are sometimes not applied. Usage patterns reveal differences to expectations.

Using your most recent comms bills, Telestar does a line-by-line automated validation against your current contract and usage. The summary report shows where you can immediately save, with estimated savings amounts.

If your organisation has 100 or more mobile devices (phones, tablets, phablets, etc.), then Quick Check is for you.

Start Your Quick Check Here

Formats accepted: csv, xlsx, xls, pdf

I understand that by submitting the information on this form and uploaded through this page that I am applying for the Telestar Health Check service. I understand that my application in no way obliges Telestar to provide the Health Check service to me. Telestar reserves the right to refuse service to any applicant at any time, without obligation to disclose reasons for the refusal. Telestar's Health Check will take all reasonable steps to provide bill validation result within seven days where all information is provided correctly, where data is complete, electronic in form, formatted in flexible and recognisable formats and is not excessive in quantity. I understand that incomplete information, unrecognisable information, non-standard formats, other non-standard inputs and/or unreasonable use may cause the result to take longer than seven days and/or may result in Telestar refusing service. I certify that I represent the organisation named in the form, and that the information I provide to Telestar has been legally obtained. I certify that I am authorised by the organisation named in the form to provide this information to Telestar. I understand that Telestar provides the Health Check service subject to the standard Telestar terms of service, a copy of which is available at

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